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Our online training solutions are your gateway into the total compliance roadmap that ensures protection from violating State and Federal Law. But more importantly, helps you provide a better patient experience that has been proven to increase retention and patient satisfaction. If you're ready to get started with helping your teams get compliant in the workplace, then get started below!

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It is a pleasure working with American Medical Compliance. They’ve been very helpful through the whole start up process and gave attention to all the details needed by our practice. Amazingly at the same time they were doing all that work, they were still able to be friendly and easy to work with. I would encourage anyone that needs help with compliance work to use American Medical Compliance.


Excellent service. I highly recommend this company.


American Medical Compliance has been a pleasure to work with. I was skeptical about needing to maintain compliance for a while; however, one of the representatives helped answer my questions in full detail. They have helped me equip my staff with OSHA and HIPAA training on their schedule online. Using their software was very convenient and they were very helpful when many in our group forgot passwords.